Accepted Calculators For SAT Test

Accepted Calculators for SAT Tests Calculators are allowed on the SAT, although there are few restrictions. While there are a number of accepted calculators for SAT tests, students are NOT allowed to use the following: Phones, tablets, or laptop/desktop computers Calculators that can connect to the internet Calculators with QWERTY format letter keys (with VERY SPECIFIC […]

Digital SAT Math Edition

What to expect on the math section In a previous post we outlined the switch from paper and pencil to an entirely digital platform the College Board is implementing for all of its tests (SAT, PSAT, APs, etc.), and in this post we are going to take a closer look at the Math module(s) of […]

Digital ACT Test

Digital ACT Test In an earlier post, we reported on the College Board’s plan to go entirely digital by the Spring of 2024. This means that students will expect to take digital forms of the PSAT (Fall 2023), SAT (Spring 2024), and AP exams (Spring 2024) going forward. There is another option for test takers, […]

What is an Adaptive test?

In its effort to make the SAT more effective and accessible in addition to shorter, the College Board has created a stage adaptive test that adjusts according to a student’s performance. So, What is an adaptive test? Here is a quick rundown of how it will work. To make things easy, we’ll use the Math […]

The SAT is Going Digital!

The SAT is changing with the times and phasing out the traditional paper and pencil test we’ve all known and loved (feared? detested? relished?). This past spring (March 2023) the digital format was piloted at international testing sites only. In Fall 2023, the PSAT will be only offered in a digital format while the SAT […]