Watermelon Math: A Sweet Approach to Mastering Math Vocabulary

Recently we came across Watermelon Math, a set of math vocabulary flashcards for elementary school students. We LOVED them. 

We often meet students who would otherwise enjoy math, but have had so many negative experiences that they’ve convinced themselves that they actually hate the subject or that they “just aren’t good at math.” One of the secrets to enjoying and being good at math is becoming fluent in the language of mathematics. 

Watermelon Math caught our attention because the cards are fun and whimsical, and because they were intentionally designed for maximum retention. They introduce students to math, but read like a picture book. In the process they make math more fun and approachable. 

We reached out to Kelly Clement, creator of Watermelon Math, and she told us, “I’ve been working with Lower Level ISEE students for over a decade, and so much of the homework I assign them feels like torture. Of course, any good test preparation program includes practice tests and practice questions that resemble the test. I wanted to find a way to infuse the smallest bit of joy into the process. I might not fully get kids to think test prep is fun, but if I replace a little of the stress and anxiety with a more peaceful and pleasant feeling, I’ve made good progress.”

Check out Watermelon Math here.

Disclaimer: We don’t earn a commission with Watermelon Math! We just love the cards and want more people to know about them.